April 2012

April 2012

  • Join the Fight Against Bulling
    In elementary school, 90% of students reported being a victim of bullying. As much as 60% admitted to being a bully themselves, according to a recent survey. Victims of bullying have a higher risk of facing issues like depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and violent behavior. This important issue has been making headlines recently with the opening of the critically-acclaimed documentary, Bully. Check out the film, or find out what you can do to help stop bullying.

  • Monique Coleman Promotes Tolerance and Youth Issues
    Actress and United Nations Youth Champion Monique Coleman is dedicated to serving and empowering youth. Her talk show GimmeMo provides a safe place for young people to talk about issues that concern them, and she works with Peace One Day to promote global tolerance. Check out her inspiring video interview.

  • Raising a Confident Daughter
    According to a recent survey, 54% percent of mothers call their daughters beautiful, while only 15% tell them they are smart. Check out these tips on raising a confident and empowered daughter.

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